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Hello, fitness & health conscious peeps out there! Let us correct you in a few things if you have had got it wrong:

• We do not sell or/and deal or/and manufacture any of the products that we review here, on our website.

• The reviews are done by the experts, real persons or/and paid bloggers who have used the product.

• If you have any issues with the product that you have bought or read the review here, kindly contact the manufacturer from where the product belongs.

• Contact the product manufacturer, in case of refund, exchange or any other kind of enquiries and services.

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Every gossip is not fake as every report is not paid. Shark Tank Diet Reviews cares for the health of the being around and thus, we strive to provide real reviews. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our review(s), do not hesitate then feel free to go ahead and contact us. Again, we will not be able help you get any auto-shipping or billing programs canceled or refunded.

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