Term & Condition

Before making any purchases of the product or services on Shark Tank Diet Reviews, the users are advised to read the privacy policy carefully. Once the order is placed by the user, the user will be taken as adhered and agreed to the terms and conditions of the product bought.

Every seller or manufacturer terms & conditions are different; the users must read the instruction or description of the product in detail before making any purchases. The company holds the right to transform or amend any kind of changes at any time and without any prior notice. To remain updated and lawfully right, the user must read the on-time terms and conditions on the official website. Any third party will not be held for any kind of misconception.

The products are chemical compound driven formulas which give impression differently over different persons. The products are not intended to diagnose or treat any kind of disease. Before using the product, we recommend approval from the user’s medical supervisor. The product is strictly prohibited to use by a person who is allergic to certain medical terms, chemical compounds, drugs, going through any medical treatment or allergy.

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